The Money Files #2- Living at Home

At this point, I’ve been living at home for a little over a year, and there have been several moments that have made me question if I should just find somewhere with $100/month rent and suck it up about living among rats and exposed heating pipes. Here are some of them:

  • Dad singing a love song about “mozzarella chees-er” to the tune of Crowd Pleaser
  • The time I was at a sandwich shop with my mom and sister but I wasn’t getting anything, and the very attractive sandwich maker asked if we needed anything else and I said “no, we’re easy,” and they made fun of me mercilessly the whole way home.

The list goes on, but the point is, I’m stuck here until I’m making much better money. So, I’ve had to come up with things to do to keep myself inspired when morale is low. Here are three of them.

  1. I buy myself an iced coffee, and take a mini road trip to this unbelievably rich neighborhood about forty minutes from me. There’s one house that’s particularly famous for it’s inordinate number of chimneys (see first photo) but there are other ones just as amazing because of their sheer size and beauty. I love love love houses, and coming here inspires me to stick out the tough parts of my life because there’s hope that someday, maybe I could have something like this.

Image result for mendham nj homes

Image result for mendham nj homes

Image result for mendham nj homes

2. The second thing I do to inspire myself when I’m feeling particularly down about where I am in life, is I look up places to live on Zillow. Might sound like a tease to some, but I think it’s so fun to look up apartments in my area and imagine what it might be like to live there. From doing this research, I’ve been able to create money goals so I know how much I’ll have to be making in order to get the big things on my wishlist. I don’t need granite counter tops, but I for sure need a gas stove. Electric stoves give me serious anxiety because I just don’t understand how you know how hot it it because you can’t see it. Then I get too stressed and I don’t cook which means I don’t enjoy my hobby and I get fat from takeout.  See, this kitchen below is perfect. Generally updated, has a gas stove, but really no frills. Of course, I’d love all the frills, but one must be realistic price-wise.


Apartment kitchen goals tho:

The difference is about $600 a month.

3. The third thing I do to keep myself inspired when I’m feeling low is I pin things to Pinterest. I have a crazy future home board, with dream houses like the ones in that town I was telling you about. However, I also have a realistic home board, where I post apartment DIYs, dinnerware sets I like, comforter sets I like, etc. Things future me might actually be able to afford and buy when an apartment of my own becomes feasible. Pinning to this board makes me feel like I’m doing something teeny-tiny for my future when I feel stuck. Here are some of my favorite pins from that board at the moment:

image of Pfaltzgraff® Chateau 16-Piece Dinnerware Set in Cream:
Pfaltzgraff® Chateau 16-Piece Dinnerware Set in Cream. $69.99


10 Guest Room Essentials and Tips Treat your house guests like they are royalty. Take a cue from the little things that matter most when you are traveling. #guestroom #hometip #JJCH:

So there you have it! know someone who’s feeling blue because they’re still living at home, not really sure what to do next? Share this post to inspire them. Maybe you or they will discover a new neighborhood, set new goals, or discover products you can’t wait to have!

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