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I imagine you’re thinking “wow, another blog about a twenty-something figuring the world out. Cool, just what the internet needs.”

Well, luckily for you, you’ve stumbled across a blog that’s not only about my journey, but yours as well. Uninspired might chronicle my personal life, but I’m structuring it so there are plenty of goodies to help you out as well.

Think: budget help, recipes so your wallet gets a break from the Chipotle at least once this week, DIYs that actually look good enough to display in your home.

Think: cringeworthy dating stories and the life lessons they teach, what not to say to someone on dating sites, songs that should be on your sex playlist.

Think: somewhere to go when you’re a twenty-something who’s feeling *uninspired.*

Poke around a bit and I hope you’ll find my particular mixture of dry humor and floral patterns just charming enough to keep you.

The infamous Tinder Files are posted on Tuesdays & Thursdays at noon. All other posts on Sundays at noon.