The Craft Files #3- Creative New Purposes For The Clutter In Your Home

Hey y’all, today I’m comin’ atcha with some crafting wisdom. Do you have a bunch of crap in your house that doesn’t really seem like trash, but you don’t really want it taking up space anymore? I know I do. So, I looked up a bunch of uses for those things, and decided to share what I found with you. Disclaimer: none of these pictures are my own- they’re all from Pinterest.

Puzzles with Missing Pieces

Yes, everyone has bought at least one thousand-piece puzzle in their lives, then lost one piece rendering the entire project useless. What do you do with the other 999 now?

  • Adding personality to homemade cards and gifts– think “we’re a perfect fit,” or “thanks for being a piece of my life.”

Use puzzle pieces to make this easy DIY Valentines Day card! #diy #valentinesday #jigsawpuzzles Love this because we're always doing puzzles together!:   Could use an old puzzle (cover the pieces or not), my puzzle piece stamps, or the puzzle piece die cut and decorative papers!:   You'll be happy to know that you can use those old puzzle pieces in crafts. On How to Make Crafts: Using Puzzle Pieces you'll find over 30 ideas that you'll want to try. Site names and tutorials also.:

  • Wall art- paint those suckers and shape them into whatever the heck you want.

If you've got hot glue, this is an easy afternoon project although you'll be very puzzled ...:   Looking for amazing ideas on what you can do with those odd and end puzzle pieces or that ruined puzzle because ONE piece is missing? Well, you can make many new creations from puzzle pieces and here's the ultimate list!:  Een leuk DIY kerst cadeautje: Met een stukje hardboard (of mdf), wat oude puzzelstukjes en een spuitbus verf maak je iets unieks en persoonlijks:

  • Kids crafts 

Make a cute Monster Magnet, Pin, or Necklace using odd pieces from an incomplete puzzle, googly eyes, and whatever embellishments you have on hand -- click for easy instructions.:    Puzzle piece snowflake, I like it - finally a practical use for all those puzzles with missing pieces...CUTE:    This is such a GREAT idea.. Fun way to reuse puzzle pieces as a craft project. My kids would LOVE this!:

  • Jewelry

kolczyki diy upcycling eco manufaktura:  DIY Friendship Necklaces, I love the puzzle pieces idea. Easy to customize and make quickly:  . . . . . How to Recycle: Recycled Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces:

  • Bulletin Boards– if you’re a teacher, you can use puzzle pieces as tree leaves on your bulletin boards, borders, and more.

Fall Tree Craft from pieces of brown paper and sponge painted puzzle pieces. Very cute and easy for 3 year olds.:   Turn a puzzle with missing pieces into an art project.:  Mrs. King's Music Class: 14 Unusual and Incredibly Fabulous Bulletin Board Borders:


I have a stack of magazines from the APA that I will never read, and will be long outdated by the time I have an office to display them in like I’ve read them. My mom has a stack of People, and my sister and I both have a stack of Seventeen that we don’t even pay for anymore but it just keeps coming to our house. What do we do with it all?

Baskets, bowls, or trash cans- for future magazine stacks

30 Cool Things to Make With Old Magazines | StyleCaster:  100+ Ways to Reuse Old Magazines  Original Inspiration by Abstract Octopus Attack, via Flickr:  DIY Amazing Recycled Magazines Crafts That Will Inspire You:

Wall Art

tightly rolled magazine tubes to form patterns, this is so cool. might be making this for the apartment too!:  DIY Canvas Painting.  Tutorial here:  Gotta tell ya.. my daughter made these.  They're awesome! ... I think (Lord help my memory) that she used pages from an old Bible for her paper.  Which adds some extra cool to the idea!:

Ornaments and Decor 

Old Magazine Upcycle - Ball Ornaments                                                                                                                                                      More:  30 Cute Recycled DIY Christmas Crafts | Daily source for inspiration and fresh ideas on Architecture, Art and Design:  DIY Wreath~  make a Box Chain Paper Wreath- out of magazines, wrapping paper or newspaper. Cool idea!:

Gift Accessories

How To Make a Loopy Paper Flower / Bow / Gift Finish-er Off-er Thing: Don't throw out your old catalogs!  Use them to create gift bags for your Direct Sales business or personal use!:  I had fun covering this tag board box with reeds made from magazine pages for a gift for my nieces college graduation.  She loved it.:


Awesome coasters are just a few rolled-up magazines away.Etsy:  Coasters made with magazine pages.  Good tutorial here:  7 Unique Homemade Coaster Ideas | Recycled Magazine Coasters.:


You got a t-shirt for that time you did that walk for that thing you can’t remember? You were in the super obscure college club that gave you a free t-shirt and now you’re embarrassed that it even existed, never mind that you were in it? You gained weight? Lost weight? Well, if you don’t have a use for those old shirts anymore, look no further.


Upcycled T-shirt Rug Tutorial:  tshirt-rug tshirt-rug-2


How-to make a quilt out of old t-shirts for people who don't sew. Memory Quilt! Saving my sons t-shirts to do this when he turns 18. Then he will have memories of all his favorite TV shows, movies, and videos game fads!:  Tied blanket with all of my old t-shirts!:   tshirt quilt idea - never seen one on the diagonal like this. Much better!.:


tshirt-pillow Memory keepsake pillows created from clothing of a loved one that has become an angel.  via Thanks Tammy:  tshirt-pillow-2

Other Clothes/Accessories

here's how to take an old tshirt and make a super-cool Knotted Headband with tshirt yarn ~ Sugar Bee Crafts: Cut off:  tshirt-scarf

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