The Tinder Files #3- My Particular Mixture of Sexy and Cute

Online dating sites and apps like Tinder and Plenty of Fish make it really easy to meet new people for hookups, relationships, or whatever you’re looking for. However, the easy nature of dating services also makes it pretty easy to lose sight of the fact that there’s an actual person on the other end of your messages. The Tinder Files are my attempt to hold people accountable for what they say on social media. I post the pickup lines that are totally inappropriate and gross, in hopes of it becoming less socially acceptable to treat people like a sex object. I post the ones that don’t make sense, because even someone you’re only looking for casual sex with deserves a message that you looked over at least once. Bro, it’s just not good for your game if your “hey” actually comes out as “gey.” However, I also post the super cute ones, because in the midst of all that negativity, we need to remember the romantics are out there, too. Check out my first TF post to see my rules.

*This one’s super explicit, y’all*

Okay, so I do this weird thing where I want to seem cool and like I’m down for anything so I didn’t make it seem like this idea was more than a little terrifying to me, but  “slightly flattered [yet] slightly creeped out” and “not offended” are both still a far cry from ‘interested” in being pegged against the wall by my throat to be rammed by a stranger.

Thanks for playing though.

USED The Potential Rapist.PNG

10 thoughts on “The Tinder Files #3- My Particular Mixture of Sexy and Cute

  1. i would be interested in reading about anyone you actually go out with on a date. Also, i try to keep my blog pretty clean and leave as much to imagination. Do you think I should be more graphic with Phicklephilly?

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    1. I’ve got a few of those in the works, too! And yeah, I totally get leaving things to the imagination, but in my opinion it’s also really cool to be able to evoke emotion/reactions from your readers by being graphic and detailed


      1. True. I will drop a few profane or sexual words in just to grab their attention. Looking forward to reading your dating stories and everything else. I’d like to pitch Phicklephilly eventually as a TV series.

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    1. I know! From what I’ve heard from guy friends, apparently they like to “cut through the bullshit” or something, but what they think is “bullshit” is getting to know the person. Like, duh.

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