#1- The Intro

I am fairly certain that I’m meant to be a blogger, and I know no circumstance where the third time has not been a charm (I didn’t think very hard about that) so voila, here we all are, together at Uninspired.

My name is Nicole, and my two priors consist of a blog called Pinebriated (a play on “inebriated,” get it? Like, inebriated by Pinterest? You got it but it’s just not funny? Cool. Whatever. I’m already over it.) and one called Etsy Under 50. Both were admirable and laughable at the same time.

Pinebriated was my attempt to document my trials and tribulations making Pinterest crafts and recipes that are “so easy!” and “so fun!” Of course, there are plenty of Pinterest fails to be had, and plenty of bloggers to be exposed as frauds who sit  around all day trying to make complicated things look simple, but I could not prioritize that cause at the time. I was also a broke college student living in a dorm at the time, so me challenging their “easy” claims wasn’t exactly fair.

Etsy Under 50 was meant to showcase shops on Etsy that had great products but few sales due to saturated markets. I had plenty of shops to write about, but it’s a difficult thing to advocate for the little guys when you yourself are a little guy. And again, I was in college and did not have the time to devote to finding shops, interviewing owners, testing products, etc. I enjoyed it, but it was not a worthwhile cause for me at that moment. Alas, Etsy Under 50 did not make it either.

My third and thus most charmed idea is this, dear readers: I WILL NOT CREATE A NEW PROJECT IN ORDER TO HAVE WRITING MATERIAL. I’m gonna write about the stuff I’m already doing, gosh darn it. I am a smart, witty young woman doing the extremely trendy thing of just being a twenty-something in this crazy day and age. Bro, I’ve got stories. I’ve got stories about dating, learning to cook, about DIYing things you should probably just freakin’ wait ’til you can afford, about college, grad school, internships, money, family, and more.

For an idea that came from me feeling rather *uninspired* I’m actually really excited, and I hope you all enjoy this journey with me.


9 thoughts on “#1- The Intro

  1. Oh my gosh. You are HILARIOUS girl!!! I relate to this so much and find this so funny! So glad to see what you are going to do with this blog, maybe we could do guest posts together or something? I’m definitely not making my blog a serious job, just a fun little side project 🙂

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    1. Hey, thanks so much, and so are you!! And guest posts sound like a lot of fun. I definitely can’t make this a serious job right now either, but I’m setting up as many posts as I can in advance of going back to school so I can keep it going while I’m busy.


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